You did it unto me, now I'm doing it unto you. (cairothegreat) wrote in bedtalk,
You did it unto me, now I'm doing it unto you.

I had a dream that I was walking to my dorm showers completely naked (except the hallway was longer than normal, and it was like there was only 1 set of showers in the whole building instead of one on each floor). I knew I was naked, and I didn't care or anything, in fact, I even debated going back for a towel, but decided not to bother. And no one else around me seemed to care. But THEN I imagined running into this person I know. And all of a sudden I felt ugly and unhappy with my body and my nakedness in the dream. So, instead of RISKING the UNBELIEVABLY SLIGHT chance that I'd run into them, I ran the other way completely. Like, not even to my room. I just ran, I wanted to go like home or something. I wasn't even worried about clothes, just about getting as far away from where the person MIGHT be as possible. And the reactions of the people around me ranged from "huh? oh, naked person? uhhh, whatever.." to "what the hell? put some clothes on!" to not even noticing. I specifically remember kind of leaning in the corner of this full elevator with my legs crossed and my hands holding my chest, and this guy looked over, raised an eyebrow, and then just went on talking to this girl he was with about what floor they had to stop on.

Does anyone know anything about what this MIGHT represent? I looked up stuff on nakedness in dreams that all SLIGHTLY make sense, but not really....

Thanks for your speculations


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